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Arizona Key Magazine 2008

Healing Mind, Body, Spirit In Sedona

Sedona is a place of wonderment and intrigue. For many, it offers a place of healing, renewal and soul-soothing. Healing mind, body and spirit can be achieved through many modalities. Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Intuitive Spiritual Counseling are just a few of the services offered by the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.

Thoughts and emotions send chemicals throughout the body that reproduce feelings, giving us a physical reaction. Through repetition, self-limiting thoughts and feelings can become habitual, producing mindsets such as unworthiness and low self-esteem that attract negative experiences. These hard-wired thoughts and emotions can be changed through hypnotherapy into new, positive habits that will not only change your life but also change you into the person you want to be.

Hypnotherapy offers a beneficial, supportive tool for those seeking pain relief, behavioral changes (quit smoking, lose weight, etc.) or a relaxation technique to help relieve stress. If you are interested in hypnotherapy, remember to look for a reputable hypnotherapist since it is not a regulated field.

Energy healing is based on the belief that our "life force" creates unbalanced energy fields during emotional or physical disease. Because our energy fields serve as part of an interconnected whole, the use of focused intention by an experienced energy healer can assist the health and well-being of another.

Healers operate in many different ways. For example, they visualize, send intentions for diseased cells to die, send intentions for cells to revert to their optimum state of health, or simply send loving energy. A common theme is the intention for the client’s well-being. Many energy healers use their own individual means of directing their intention to heal through Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Acupressure and Massage Therapy.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling can strengthen your connection to your own higher guidance system and help you let go of negativity. Your guidance system is your most precious inner resource -- the place where your personal power intersects with your destiny.

Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association is comprised of professional and reputable members offering services to heal mind, body and spirit. The holidays provide an optimum time to consider clearing the past and allowing your energy to open up exciting possibilities for the New Year. Make a fresh start in Sedona and heal your life today!

Deena Lee Ph.D., CMHt, CCI
Sedona Healing &

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