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Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery

Hypnotherapy is a way of going deep within yourself to a place of pure calm and authenticity.  Assisted by a professional hypnotherapist, positive suggestions unite your conscious desires with subconscious motivation to allow: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Heal Stress and Anxiety, Improve Health, Sports Performance, and Self Confidence, Reverse Aging, Become More Organized, Beome More Successful, Increase Psychic Ability and anything you can imagine.  The mind has limitless capabilities and it is just waiting to be guided to achievement.

In Person Sessions: 1 1/2 hr - $175.00

There are so many wonderful benefits to hypnosis with zero side effects.  There is no drug, physician, or vitamin that can make this claim.  Hypnosis is perfectly safe and natural. Once you get used to relaxing your mind, there are so many things you can accomplish using hypnosis.  It is a fact that the calming effect of hypnosis reduces stress.  By reducing stress you are extending the quality of your life and we all could benefit from that.

Hypnosis is a refined form of communication that harmonizes your conscious and subconscious minds.



Guided Imagery

In Person or Phone Sessions: 1 1/2 hr - $175.00

Imagery is a flow of thoughts you can see, hear, feel, smell, or taste. An image is an inner representation of your experience or fantasy.  Imagery is a window to your inner world and a way of viewing your ideas, feelings, and interpretations.  Imagination nurtures human reality and without it humanity would have become extinct long ago. It took imagination to conceive of all the possibilities like fire, growing crops, construction of buildings, inventions of cars airplanes, televisions, and today's computers. By utilizing Guided Imagery your body's healing and rejuvenating abilities kick into high gear to help you lose weight, manage a simple tension headache, fight a life-threatening disease, deal with loss and change, get a good night's sleep or prepare for surgery.  Imagery increases self-confidence, peak performance and creativity by unifying mind, body, psyche and spirit behind your intention.  Imagery provides techniques to generate new experiences.  Instead of simply reacting to experiences, you create them-as you do in your life when you intentionally set a new goal.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Sessions: A scheduled appointment is required. 

1 hour - $150
1 1/2 hours - $175
2 hours - $200

                                                        Payment may be made by credit card or cash.

Please email me with your name and phone number and desired appointment information or for a faster reply contact the office @ 928-282-9777.
24 hour notice of change of appointment or cancellation of appointment is required for a full refund.

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