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Sedona Healing and Hypnotherapy
Intuitive Medical Readings and Healing, Past Life Regression,
Spiritual Hypnosis, and Intuitive Counseling and Coaching.

Plaza Del Oeste, 2756 W. SR 89A, Suite 5, Sedona, Arizona 86336
Phone: 928.282.9777 - E-mail:

"If you want to change your life, you must first learn to change the way you think."

Our body is intricately entwined with our mind and our spiritual path. When we open to the infinite Divine Consciousness, we allow Divine Wisdom to flow freely into our lives. Recent scientific evidence proves that the body is the unconscious mind. Repressed traumas caused by overwhelming emotion can be stored in various locations throughout the body. The mind doesn't dominate the body, it becomes the body. In other words, your biography becomes your biology."


"Through the years Deena Lee has proven her healing abilities with her intuitive guidance and healing touch." - Reverend K.B., R.N., RMT, CCI, Chicago, IL

"I have been treating with Deena for over 16 years and have found health and happiness as a result." - E.H., Musician, Burbank, CA

"I didn't understand my life and health until Deena helped me to define who I was and where I was going on my spiritual path."
- R.D., Director, Pasadena, CA

"My life and health had taken a turn for the worse. Deena's skills helped me to reverse cancer, lose 70 lbs. and get off medication in just 5 months. - V.G., Los Angeles, CA

"I met Deena in Sedona about a year ago when my health was at it's lowest point ever. Her intuitive guidance, hands-on-healing, and hypnotherapy has allowed me to get off prescription medication, lose 60 lbs. and realize that as a spiritual human being I have a higher purpose in life." - S.S., RN, Cornvile, AZ

"Deena has taught me so much since I've met her. It's because of her guidance that my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth has been so fruitful. Most importantly, because of her teachings, my Faith in my path and purpose continues to strengthen me on my journey."  - M.L., Consultant, Hollywood, CA

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Sessions: A scheduled appointment is required.

1 hour - $150
1 1/2 hours - $175
2 hours - $200

Payment may be made by credit card or cash.

Please email me with your name and phone number and desired appointment information or for a faster reply contact the office @ 928-282-9777.

24 hour notice of change of appointment or cancellation of appointment is required for a full refund.

Deena Lee
Medical Psychic Intuitive, 35 years experience. Offering Spiritual/Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive Readings, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and Past Life Regression. Sessions available by phone or in person in Sedona AZ.

Deena Lee completed a five year program at the Science of Medical Intuition Institute with Dr. C. Norman Shealy M.D., PhD, and Caroline Myss PhD, where she earned a degree as a Certified Counseling Intuitive. She holds a Doctoral degree in Metaphysics specializing in Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Energy Healing.

Deena's years of extensive research focused on the mind, body, spirit connection and led her to a degree as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist from the Behavorial Science Institute of Los Angeles and a Master's Degree in Guided Imagery. She is Certified in Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts and Dolores Cannon’s method of Past Life Regression.
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Member of:

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
(A Sedona Chamber of Commerce Affinity Group)


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