Akashic Records Regression

An Akashic Records Regression with Deena Lee is a magical, deeply enlightening experience with your soul.  As a Master Hypnotherapist and Regessionist, Deena will guide you into deep hypnosis to access your Akashic Records - unveiling your true self and purpose.  

Akashic Records are our individual "records of a soul" from our time of origin.   At the time we make the decision to experience life, there is a field of energy created to collect every thought, emotion, and action generated. This field of energy is known as the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records have also been referred to as The Cosmic Mind, the Collective Unconscious, the Collective Subconscious and the Soul Records.

The information in the Akashic Records can help bring your past and future into the present. By accessing them, you can identify and release blocks you've created that are getting in the way of reaching your potential.   

Deena has conducted over 2500 Past Life, Life Between Lives, and Akashic Records sessions.  An Akashic Regression is truly a  personal, positive, and profound experience with information channeled directly from your Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.  You will be able to ask questions regarding areas in your life that you are interested in.   Accessing your soul’s records will allow spiritual transformation into the full expression of your true self.

Session Information

Duration:  2 Hours

Available:  In Office Only

Price:         $250


"My Akashic Record Session was an awe inspiring experience that increased my depth of spiritual recognition. Your magnificent work enabled me to delve into the basic core of my being. Your knowledge in the process gave me the opportunity to gain first hand information and establish a sense of security in knowing my Record Keepers are watching and guiding me for all the days of my life.

This connection has given me a new confidence in myself and has allowed me  to release my fears.  I have been given a new lease on life and the way I think about things.  Now I have a calm demeanor and troublesome news seems to roll right by me.   I would like to thank you for enabling me to see a more confident and true self that had been hidden by old memories and fears."

-Andriana B., Boston