Sedona is a place of wonderment and intrigue. For many, it offers a place of healing, renewal and soul-soothing adventures.   

Only two hours from Phoenix, Sedona is a unique destination known for its  red rock formations, enchantingly beautiful landscapes, and energy vortexes.  Vortexes are spiraling centers of subtle energy emanating from the earth that make it a spiritually powerful place.  Native Americans considered this landscape so sacred that it was a place of spiritual retreat. Today it's a magnet for spiritual seekers, nature lovers, and weary traveler seeking to renew, reenergize, and heal.

Deena Lee has operated a professional, spa-like office in Sedona for over 10 years.  The beauty and energy of Sedona enhances spiritual and psychic powers - making it the perfect place to explore your own spiritual quest.   

Deena is available for sessions in-person and by phone.