"Through the years Deena Lee has proven her healing abilities with her intuitive guidance and healing touch."
- Reverend K.B., R.N., RMT, CCI, Chicago, IL 

"I have been working with Deena for over 16 years and have found health and happiness as a result." 
- Eric H., Musician, Burbank, CA

"The Akashic records hypnotherapy session I had with Deena was instrumental in breakthroughs to my next level of psychic development."
- Misty P., Florida

"I had the pleasure of a session with Deena Lee recently. She was generous with her time, thoughtful, funny, and she has an all encompassing uplifting approach to healing mind body and spirit. Deena uses many modalities to promote self learning and to help bring in (or let go) of anything."

- Sandee C., Wolf Creek, Montana

"Thank you again for your healing hands.  I still find it hard to believe that it happened, but I have evidence every day because my hip and my lower back are well again. I had lived with it for so many years, I never thought it would improve.  How wonderful you are for giving your time this way."

- Carole B., Tennessee

"Deena has taught me so much since I've met her. It's because of her guidance that my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth has been so fruitful. Most importantly, because of her teachings, my Faith in my path and purpose continues to strengthen me on my journey." 
- Michael L., Consultant, Hollywood, CA