Spiritual Hypnosis

A Spiritual Hypnosis session with Deena Lee is an amazing experience where you will be guided to access the incredible power of your subconscious mind to create rapid, long-lasting, positive changes in your life.  

Deena has worked with over 5000 clients and has perfected a process called SSH that helps you release old stress and tension, negative thoughts, anxiety, and emotional blocks that have been holding you back and negatively affecting your health.

Spiritual Hypnosis can help you make both behavioral and emotional changes. Repetition, self-limiting thoughts and feelings can become habitual, producing mindsets such as unworthiness and low self-esteem that negatively effect your health, happiness, and success. These hard-wired thoughts and emotions can be changed through hypnotherapy into new, positive habits that will not only change your life but also change you into the person you want to be. 

There are so many wonderful benefits to hypnosis with zero side effects.  There is no drug, physician, or vitamin that can make this claim.  Hypnosis is perfectly safe and natural and can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and self-confidence, remove emotional blocks, lose weight, release anger, reverse aging, increase psychic ability, and so much more.  The mind has limitless capabilities and the wisdom necessary to guide you to greatness. 

Each session is tailored to your specific needs and desires.  Deena is driven by her higher-self during the session and utilizes many techniques including hypnosis, hands-on healing, coaching, and intuitive spiritual healing to gently and effectively help you make positive changes in your life.

Session Information

Duration:  2 Hours

Available:  In Office and by Phone

Price:         $250


"I have had the pleasure of working with Deena Lee for over a year, both in person and over the phone.  She is the highest trained healer, hypnotherapist and intuitive I've ever worked with, and it really shows in how she works with her clients.  She is incredibly professional, highly educated and very skilled in so many modalities.

She has assisted me with discovering my Akashic records, weight loss hypnotherapy (giving up sugar successfully), as well as countless sessions helping to guide me through some career decisions.  Specifically, she pinpointed very specific facts about a potential employer which were not publically available.  When I asked the CEO of the company about a past legal situation, he shared with me the details which Deena had provided to me the very day before!  I was shocked at the accuracy she provided, and her insight greatly assisted me in my career planning.  I have referred friends and family to Deena as well, all of whom have absolutely raved about her as well, and have gone back to see her!  If you are looking for the "real deal", someone you can trust and knows what she's doing, you found her!"

-Debbie F., Mission Viejo, CA