Soul Body Fusion® Certification

Come to beautiful Sedona and get certified as a Soul Body Fusion® practitioner. Deena Lee is a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher and has worked with hundreds of healers around the world to provide their training and certification.

  • Do you long to make a difference for people’s healing, well-being and spiritual wholeness?
  • Can you envision bringing Soul Body Fusion® to your clients?
  • Would you like to expand your business by offering Soul Body Fusion®?

Soul Body Fusion is a simple, safe, and quick process developed by Jonette Crowley that re-aligns the body and soul at a cellular level. It is a simple process that merges the higher frequencies of your soul with your body.  The changes are permanent and never-ending.  By becoming certified, you will be able offer this service to your clients.  

Imagine how it will feel to be able to facilitate and provide your clients with a service that will allow them to fully embody their powerful spirit . . . the missing piece for health and well-being.

Session Information

Duration:  3 Hours

Available:  In Office Only

Price:         $375


I have known Deena Lee since 2009 and she is a woman of integrity, amazing gifts, talented healer and teacher, but most of all a truly good, caring person who wants the best for each person working with her.  She has the ability to listen to and take each person from where they are.  And, she is always aware that the healing comes through her from the Divine. which translates into someone who is easily trustworthy.   Both my husband and I have grown immensely through our work with her.  

One of the methods that I have worked on with Deena is Soul Body Fusion.  I have been using it for about a year now and have found it an extremely useful tool, easy to use, and open to all.  I was trained as a Practitioner by Deena Lee in May, 2013.  Since that time I have noticed positive effects using this method.    

In a world wrought with so much distress, illness, and uncertainty I believe strongly that Soul Body Fusion has a definite role.  So many people are coping with inner turmoil and this translates into a chaotic outer world. With this simple, yet profound tool there is possibility for healing on a wider scope.  

 - Ann C., Summerville, MA

   Certified Soul Body Practitioner